JoeLius DuBois Porter

Artist Statement

My illustration work incorporates a variety of textures and patterns from various belongings that I have selected and scanned. These textiles allow me to add a personal layer to the environments and people conveyed in my work. My illustrations are done digitally in Procreate and focus on themes of unity, adventure, and lifestyle.


Howard University 

Washington, DC

BS in Biology

August 2017 - August 2023


  • Joel Ross / Blue Note Records
  • C.S. Armstrong 
  • Dirty Bird
  • Viracocha Mendoza
  • WADE08
  • Roc Nation
  • 237 Entertainment
  • 99theproducer
  • Bryan Lewin

Selected Work

Joel Ross / Blue Note Records

Viracocha Mendoza

Roc Nation

Using Format