Client: Tima Volozh / Shifting Paradigm Records (2023)

Detail: Front and Back Album Cover Design for Tima Volozh’s Album “Jubilee” 
Cover Design for Singles “Adoration of the Earth” and “Lá Lauê”
Custom Title Designs

Client: 237 Entertainment (2021-2022)

Detail: Posters and Logo Designs for 237 Entertainment 

Client: Joel Ross / Blue Note Records (2021)

Detail: Front Album Cover Design for Joel Ross’ Album “Parable of the Poet”

Client: gum.mp3 (2021)

Detail: Airbrush Portrait for gum.mp3

Client: Mick Jenkins (2021)

Detail: Draft Album Cover Concept for Mick Jenkins

Client: Models of the Mecca (2018-2020)

Detail: Posters and Logo Design completed as Head of Graphic Design of Models of the Mecca at Howard University

Client: Rapsody / Roc Nation (2017)

Detail: Poster for Howard University Step Team, Roc Nation and Rapsody Meet and Greet. 

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